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Radha Krishna


Hinduism is one religion that has a lot of love amongst the sexes in its fold. There are several legends that speak of the undying love that existed between the opposite sexes and lots on folk lore and exciting stories of love.

There is several interwoven love tales amongst the gods and goddesses in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and this makes the Hindu gods and goddesses adhere to the psychic of their devotees.

There are several love stories and tales that are associated with Radha and Krishna along with the innumerable gopis that Krishna coveted within the Brindavan gardens.

Radha Krishna is the story of love amongst these two players. Lord Krishna is depicted as the god of love, and he chose his love prey with great attention and won their hearts over. The tales of Radha Krishna are so very common and appealing that they surpass all other tales. There are several tales and stories that have been carried on down several generations that enable us to decipher the true and unyielding love that was shared by both of them, Radha Krishna. The kind of love and dedication that Radha showcased for Krishna are fantastic and hard to find in any other love pair. There are several legends that tell us of this love and how it was entrenched deeply in both their beings.

There is an excellent tale about hot milk:

This is one tale that tells us of the infinite and binding love that were shared by Radha Krishna. Radha was not Lord Krishna’s wife and her eternal love for him made all of his wives envious of her, and they wanted to do away with her somehow. So, what they did one day was to play a prank on Radha in order to make her suffer and also to test how far she would go for her beloved. Hence, they gave her a piping hot bowl of milk and asked her to drink the scalding milk saying that it was Krishna, who wanted it to be so. Surprisingly, Radha picked it up and drank it up, the hot milk and all. When the wives took back the bowl they saw that it was lord Krishna who had burned his tongue and was the one who had suffered. This proved the eternal bond that Radha Krishna shared with one another. He took upon himself her pain and suffering just like a true lover.

Another tale of the legend of Charanaamarit:

This tale further reinforces the love that Radha Krishna shared amongst them. Once when the lord Krishna became very sick the physician said that the only cure was the Charanaamrit from a true worshiper of him. All the gopis who had gathered that were asked one by one, but none of them were willing to do so. They were actually concerned about giving the water in which they usually washed their feet to the lord.

When it was Radha’s turn she did not hesitate even for a second. She said that you can go ahead and take as much as you want as I am not really bothered of getting to hell as long as my lord gets alright. His pain is more painful than the pain that I can ever experience of going to hell. Thus, Radha gave lord Krishna the Charanaamrit and this was going to be her undoing ultimately, as it is said that she couldn’t eventually, marry her lord because of this. Charanaamrit was the thing that made Krishna well again. But, at the same time it stopped Radha Krishna from marrying too.

Radha Krishna is one of the classical love stories and fable that has withstood the test of time. In Hindu mythology, there are several tales and folk stories that depict love and sensualness but this is the kind of Radha Krishna that tugs at the heartstrings of the most



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